At the Oct. 11 school board meeting, Dashir Management’s annual report was presented by local Dashir Manager Doug Domeier,

At the Oct. 11 meeting of the Sleepy Eye Board of Education, Dashir Management’s annual report was presented by local Dashir Manager Doug Domeier. Dashir is the company that is contracted to provide custodial and maintenance services for the school district.

Domeier complimented the rest of the Dashir staff—John Ladd, Alex Lazatin, Barb Ladd, Cheryl Blank and Bruce Lokensgard and highlighted various district improvements made over the past year. Those included cement slabs under bleachers at several ball fields, completing installation of new tile in elementary hallways, purchasing a new lawn mower and a new used pickup truck, the high school gym HVAC project, retractable basketball hoops in that gym—which, along with new bleachers at the junior high ball diamond were done with funds donated by First Security Bank’s Amundson foundation.

Domeier said before the end of 2017 the cafeteria will be painted (over the holiday break) and classroom doors in the high school will be replaced with solid core doors with no windows. He also shared the long-term (10 year) project list; items include: continue asbestos abatement, elementary gym roof replacement and gym air conditioning, resurfacing of parking lots, resurface track, change lighting in gyms to LEDs, replace windows, and tuck point high school.

Superintendent John Cselovszki said he had something he’d like to see added to the long term list. “You’ve heard me say this before, I still think we should put a fine arts facility on that list,” he said. “A fine arts facility that could be used by the entire community.” Cselovszki said the musical production the high school students just put on was wonderful, but the gym was not a good place to have it. “I have about 10 years left before retirement, I sure would like to see a fine arts facility in the community before then.”

Action items approved:

•Renewal of food service management contract with Taher for 2017-18.

•Open enrollment requests—one in from St. James pre-K, three out to Cedar Mountain, and one out to Fergus Falls (an online school.)

•Staff hours for paraprofessionals, ECFE and School Readiness staff; and fine arts and athletic coaching assignments.

•Resignation of Terry Deibele as JH boys basketball coach and hiring him as assistant varsity coach at $3,247.

•Hire Alyssa Stevensen as Art Club coach at $693; Deb Reinarts as YES Team coach at $693; Tim Hoffmann and Kathryn Serra as Math Masters coaches at $400 each; Sandra Brinkman as home bound instructor at $36.23/hr up to six hours per week for six weeks; Nate McMullen as assistant football coach at $3,147; Alyssa Stevensen as second JH Knowledge Bowl coach at $606.

•Hire Emily Reding as Migrant Coordinator.

•Set Truth in Taxation hearing for Dec. 13, 6 p.m.

•Sale of used lawnmower to Dave Haala for $1,285.

•Accept donation from Lions Club for Biz Town program.

•Accept snow removal quote from S & J Construction.

Next school board meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 8, 5:30 p.m.