Editor's column

Did you catch Tuesday night’s City Council meeting on TV? I’m sure it was a great program, but I think I’ll stick with going in person. I hope they can tone that audio down a bit. I guess it picks up every little noise. I like to do a little whispering from my back row seat, but sure don’t want to be a distraction.

If you did watch, you heard Larry Braun ask a very good question. The last item on the agenda each month is a motion to pay the bills. It’s pretty routine—the councilors get a printout of all the payments that are scheduled to be made. They can ask questions, but usually there are none.

This time Larry had a question. He said he realized it was for a minor amount, but it still raised a question for him. Why was a simple toilet tank repair kit purchased at Menard’s? And, another eight buck doo-dad (my term, not his)? Why were those items not purchased in Sleepy Eye?

Yes, why indeed. Larry didn’t really get a complete answer. It was something like, “Maybe they were there for something else and picked that up, too.” To be fair, everyone agreed it was something to look at. Maybe something to ask city employees to refrain from.

I’m no tax genius, but I’m pretty sure Menard’s is not adding to the City of Sleepy Eye’s tax coffers. You know, the funds that pay the bills.

Do us all a favor—Shop Sleepy Eye.