The Brown County Farmers Union presented the 2017 Service to Agriculture Award was presented to Alphonse Mathiowetz.

The Brown County Farmers Union held their Annual Convention in Comfrey on Sept. 19. The 2017 Service to Agriculture Award was presented to Alphonse Mathiowetz by Minnesota Farmers Union President Gary Wertish and Brown County President Jerome Graff. Several members praised Mathiowetz for his years of faithful service to not only agriculture, but his church and the community. A number of Alphonse's family members were able to attend the presentation.

State President Wertish gave the keynote address. Health care is a large focus for the organization right now. Wertish said he hopes that Democrats and Republicans could come together to work for the good of the country instead of fighting along partisan lines. Commodity prices are a concern and Farmers Union is working to increase demand through greater ethanol usage and trade. The upcoming debate on the Farm Bill will draw a lot of attention, and Farmers Union will be involved.

Delegates were chosen and resolutions passed for the State Convention in November. Officers elected for the coming year are Jerome Graff, president; Sue Griebel, vice president; and Randy Krzmarzick, secretary-treasurer.