The St Mary’s Knights made history on Friday, Sept. 29 when they hosted the West Lutheran Warriors for Homecoming.

The St Mary’s Knights made history on Friday, Sept. 29 when they hosted the West Lutheran Warriors for Homecoming.

St. Mary’s 48

West Lutheran 0

There were green jerseys all over the field Friday night. Nick Labat and Andrick Sanchez got things started for the Knights when Labat took the ball 24 yards for a touchdown and Sanchez charged past the Warriors’ defensive line for the two-point conversion. The Knights’ defense has done a good job of adjusting to the needs of nine man play after Defensive Coach Matt Andres “threw out the defensive book” early this season.

“I am really fortunate,” Head Coach Brent Kucera said. “I don't think a lot of small school head coaches have the luxury of having a self- sufficient defensive coordinator. I don't have to worry about him, or the defense.”

The Knights gained the ball again and Labat and Sanchez worked the ball to the end zone. On the line, Sanchez pushed the one yard for a touchdown, and then got a second two-point conversion. “Once I get up to the line, I have to first read the defense to see how they are playing the receivers,” said Labat. “Then I just play the play out and throw it to someone open.”

In the second quarter, Sanchez went 12 yards for the Knights’ third touchdown and again got the two points. After barely letting the Warriors touch the ball, the Knights got back on offense. Luke Miller caught a pass from Labat at quarterback and ran 45 yards for touchdown number four and Sanchez got another touchdown from 14 yards out. But the Knights failed two conversions in a row, putting them at 36-0.

The Knights worked their way into Warriors turf again and Miller, already in the end zone, caught a five-yard pass from Labat for a sixth touchdown. Again, the Knights failed to cross the line for the conversion, but they were now up 42-0 and the Warriors could do nothing to break past the defense led by Sanchez, Brandon Wait and Dalton Meyer. “I have to make the most out of my senior year,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez scored a final touchdown for the Knights after halftime, rushing 13 yards. No one scored in the fourth quarter and the Knights won a resounding victory over West Lutheran. “Overall, I think the boys had fun tonight,” Sanchez said. “But there are definitely things we need to fix as a team if we want to win the big games.”

The history that was made? This win marked the tenth Homecoming win for Kucera and Andres in 10 years of coaching together.

“Coaching with Brent has been great,” said Andres. “His knowledge of football is high and he understands what it is that makes a great head coach. Communication, trust, and a sense of fun are just some of the things he brings to the team. All of our success stems from his leadership and vision.”

“Hard to believe it's been 10 seasons,” said Kucera. “We have been through a lot of ups and downs together. The players are really fortunate to have such a good role model in Chief Andres. I think Andres has definitely been one of the best coaches in the area over the years.”

The Knights are now 5-0 on the season. They hit the road to Hector to take on the Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart Mustangs on Friday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m.