Editor's column

I have several things I’m thinking about this morning and not much space to share them in. That’s because I asked David if he would write about 9/11. I respect his service in the Army and knew he would have something to say. He had plenty to say—that’s why I have this little box. Thanks, David.

Just kidding. I do thank David. I thank him for his service to our country. I thank him for sharing his thoughts. I thank him for understanding that I don’t always agree with his opinion. And that’s all right—in our great country we are not required to agree or keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Speaking of keeping our thoughts to ourselves, I heard a good one last night. At the city council meeting they talked about how to proceed with the survey of city services. They sent surveys to 500 city residences and received 190 back—that is a very good return. Now the results will be tabulated, shared with everyone, and used to make any identified improvements.

The “good one” I heard was shared by Councilor JoAnn Schmidt. She said a citizen told her they had received the survey, but didn’t fill it out, because, “I think you are all doing a good job.” What?? Yikes! The purpose of a survey is to gather all opinions, good or bad. So, be a good citizen—if you receive a survey, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself.