The Sleepy Eye Indians hosted the Cathedral Greyhounds on Friday, Sept. 8 to a packed field.

The Sleepy Eye Indians hosted the Cathedral Greyhounds on Friday, Sept. 8 to a packed field.

Cathedral 43

Sleepy Eye 21

The Greyhounds enjoyed a 16-0 win over Lakeview for their first game of the season, but that was not the night they were going to have against the Indians.

In the first quarter, the Indians were neck and neck with the Greyhounds with Landon Strong rushing 35 yards for a touchdown. The Greyhounds scored a touchdown of their own.

The second quarter was action packed with the Greyhounds pulling ahead 22-7. With seconds left on the clock, Jacob Berg rushed the ball down field. Quarterback Zach Haala saw Palmer Hittesdorf open in the end zone and threw the pass. With a second and a half left on the clock, Hittesdorf caught the pass for a touchdown from 20 yards. Haala followed up the play with a successful two-point conversion. The game was still close at halftime with Cathedral up 22-15. “We knew we could compete with them,” Haala said. “We just had some costly penalties and didn’t take advantage of all of their penalties.”

Both teams failed to take advantage of the turnovers that happened in the third quarter and no touchdowns were scored. “Field position was definitely different in the second half,” said Head Coach Cory Haala. “Our defense spent too much time on the field.”

The Indians took two penalties that cost them in the fourth quarter and the Greyhounds used it to score. The Greyhounds continued to widen the gap with a touchdown on an interception and the two-point conversion.

Haala brought some fire back into the Indians with an 84-yard run down the field—with the Greyhounds struggling to catch him. “It was actually a miscommunication that turned out for the better,” Haala said. “Some of my guys made some key blocks for me and things opened up.” At the four-yard line, Haala threw the pass to Strong for a touchdown. Cathedral put one more touchdown on the board and took the game.

“We have the talent,” Coach Haala said. “We just need to learn to win. We will be working on the little things this week.”

The Indians travel to Slayton to take on the Murray County Central Rebels on Friday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m.