Seventh and eighth grade students attended FFA Discovery Camp after school last Monday.

On Aug. 28, seventh and eighth graders from Sleepy Eye schools spent the afternoon learning about the world of possibilities in FFA. There were 30 junior high students present to learn about all FFA has to offer.

Immediately following the school day, the students headed to the Ag room to start Discovery Camp with a movie and popcorn. After the movie, the kids were introduced to the officer team members who ran the camp: Parker Neid, Cassidy Hoffmann, Josie Lang, Kathryn Schroepfer, Clarissa Simonsen, Maranda Braulick and McKenzie Cselovszki.

The group then played some icebreaker games. The kids were told about the great experiences the FFA has to offer them, and how it can help shape their future. The officer team members told them about their experiences in FFA and told them of all the fun camps, conventions and rewards FFA has to offer, plus the great skills including: leadership, responsibility, teamwork and public speaking.

Finally, the junior high students enjoyed supper and participated in a CDE (Career Development Event) Amazing Race activity. With this game, they learned about eight of the CDEs including Milk Quality, Meats, Poultry, Forestry, Small Animals, Fish and Wildlife, Livestock, and Floriculture.

Discover Camp was a success and showed the younger students how the experience of FFA can change their lives.