Just some stuff from the editor.

Sorry, I just thought I would start with the bad stuff and get it over with. We have another story in the news about men arrested in an undercover sex sting, thinking they would purchase sex with a sixteen-year-old girl.

NUPD Sr. Inv. Jeff Hohensee said there have been a total of 98 suspects arrested in sex trafficking related investigations in Brown, Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties in the last three years. He explained that the investigations are made possible due to grants from the Minnesota Women’s Foundation “Girls are not for sale” campaign and the Minnesota Department of Justice.

I like that title. Girls are not for sale. Neither are women. What is the deal with these men? It’s just wrong. Pretty stupid, too. These guys must not watch the news or read the papers. Well, now they’ve made themselves a top news story.

Here is a good thing. I just got the weekly update from the engineer on the Highway 14 to Springfield project. It’s going good and they still think it might be open to traffic late next week.

And the beautiful? You need to find an excuse to go see the Event Center. That is beautiful beyond what I imagined. The contractors are finishing up outside, so you may think it doesn’t look like much when you drive by. But go inside and it’s just a wow!

Oh, and remember when Dain’s Dutchmen played the last polka dance at the Orchid Inn in April? Well, they were at Amy’s wedding—playing for the first polka dance in the Sleepy Eye Event Center.