Still recovering from Buttered Corn Days!

You know how we sometimes say, or think, “you’re not from here?” Well, I am not 100 percent from here. I didn’t arrive until the spring in first grade. But, I am 100 percent from Corn Days.

That summer after first grade, in 1961, the first Corn Day was held. I was there. In those olden days, Corn Day was at South Park, with corn served on the tennis court (I wonder if they thought to put cardboard down?) and not much to buy. There was milk—but was it free? Or maybe a nickel? There were little cars the kids got to drive—like the Shriners little Corvettes in the parade, except they were little Model As.

My childhood memories all include that big Corn Day celebration in South Park right before school started. Run all day with school friends you hadn’t seen much over the summer. That’s what we did.

I haven’t been to every Corn Day, but it seems like I have. The big new two-day celebration is a lot of fun for Sleepy Eye. It was so much fun that I couldn’t get it all in. I couldn’t get it all in the paper and couldn’t get it all in my personal Corn Days experience.

We had space for just a few Corn Day pictures on the front page, but we have many more that we’ll share on our website.

Between David and I, we made it to everything: Corn Day in the park, the waffle feed, the bike race, the car show and the BBQ rib contest. At least David took time to eat waffles. Sad to say, when I went to the BBQ rib event I didn’t even get a taste! Next year.

Next year for sure. Andy Cook organized the BBQ Rib Contest and Tasting. He said they had a great turnout, ran out of ribs early, and know what to do to make it even more successful next year.

The car show downtown also drew a crowd. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about two new events, being held at the same time, but it was all good. Plenty of people like ribs and plenty of people like cars. Plenty of people enjoyed both.

Congratulations to all the hard-working volunteers who plan and carry out our great local party, Buttered Corn Days!