The Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter held its Junior High Crops Show on Monday, Feb. 6.

The Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter held its Junior High Crops Show on Monday, Feb. 6. It was a chance for the families of FFA members to get together and recognize the efforts of the junior high members, while announcing the winners of the 2017 Junior High Crops Show.

Josie Lang created a video of different members talking about FFA and what it means to them. They explained all the different activities junior high members could take part in while being in FFA. The video was made to inspire younger members and get them excited about their journey in FFA.

The junior high FFA members exhibited 132 samples of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and miscellaneous crops at the 2017 Crop Show. The junior high students are learning about what the different crop seeds look like and what it takes to have a good sample.

The purpose of the crop show is to exhibit a sample of a crop that will be judged on appearance: uniform color and size as well as having no defects or unwanted debris. Making a crop sample for the show involves a lot of patience and attention to detail. The longer amount of time you spend preparing a crop sample, the more success you will have in the end.

After the crop show, the crops are stored until the county and state fairs the following summer. Last year, FFA members earned more than 3,300 dollars for their efforts from the crop samples. The Sleepy Eye FFA chapter placed first in the crop show at the Minnesota State Fair in September of 2016.

Junior High Champions for each crop: Ear Corn — Carmen Lendt, Soybeans Champion — Logan Mickelson, Wheat — Carmen Lendt, Oats — Trey Heiderscheidt, Shelled Corn — Carmen Lendt, Miscellaneous — Jack Schroepfer.

The top 10 overall: Junior High Crops Champion: Carmen Lendt, 60 points; Reserve Champion: Logan Mickelson, 57 points; Third Place: Morgan Hoffmann, 46 points; Fourth Place: Mackenna Fischer, 41 points; Fifth Place: Trey Heiderscheidt, 38 points; Sixth Place: Miah Braun, 37 points; Seventh Place: Maddison Helget, 34 points; Eighth Place: Jack Schroepfer, 30 points; Ninth Place: Toby Weiss, 28 points and 10th Place: Emma Schieffert, 23 points.

The success of the 2017 Junior High Crop Show was made possible by the involvement of the community, including those who donated crops, judged the crops, and attended the event.