The Sleepy Eye Indians boys basketball team hosted the GFW Thunderbirds on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

The Sleepy Eye Indians boys basketball team hosted the GFW Thunderbirds on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

GFW 74

Sleepy Eye 54

The Indians were not able to repeat their previous victory over the Thunderbirds. In what is possibly the oddest game this season, the Thunderbirds were given 45 free throws in the game. The crowd became hostile, players were injured and the refs even let fly some questionable language.

In addition, the Indians only scored 21 points in the first half and only got six attempts at the free throw line. At halftime the game was 32-21, Thunderbirds.

In the second half the Indians defense began to fall apart, making way for the Thunderbirds to go on several runs. Plus, the calls kept coming from the refs, placing the Thunderbirds wildly in the lead. The Indians played some risky moves, that sometimes paid off but often cost them. Ben Laffen managed to sink four three-pointers in the second half that helped, but ultimately didn’t change the outcome of the game. The clock was running down and three Indians players fouled out of the game. First Jon Mickelson, next Nathan Walters, and then Jose Ibarra fouled out and the crowd began to erupt with frustration and disapproval. Second string players were sent in, as Colton Gemmill, Zach Haala and Caleb Christensen all had four personal fouls and were at risk of being benched.

By the time the game was over it was clear everyone just wanted it to end. The Thunderbirds coach had a brief conversation with Coach Heiderscheidt and it seemed they both agreed that it would have been better to see the boys play a more reasonably officiated game.

The Indians top scorer was Laffen with 18 points. Christensen got seven points, followed by Gemmill with six points.

The Indians travel to Springfield on Thursday, Feb. 16 to play the Tigers at 7:30 p.m.