Sleepy Eye District 84 Board of Education held their final meeting of 2016 Wednesday evening, Dec. 14. The annual Truth in Taxation hearing was held during the meeting also.

Sleepy Eye District 84 Board of Education held their final meeting of 2016 Wednesday evening, Dec. 14. The annual Truth in Taxation hearing was held during the meeting also.

Information reported included:

Facilities committee decided to purchase a new (used) truck as the old one is over 20 years old and in bad condition.

High School Principal Shane Laffen was unable to attend the meeting, in his written report, he said he is finishing staff performance reviews; his staff is starting work on next year’s class schedule and continuing to work on Standards Based Grading implementation.

Elementary Principal and Superintendent John Cselovszki reported that a group of teachers visited Glencoe-Silver Lake school to learn how they implement their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program. He said the district should be preparing to offer STEM in the elementary school. Cselovszki reported that the Ag. department was awarded a $10,000 competitive Agricultural Educator Grant from the Minnesota Department of Education, which will allow more summer programming.

Cselovszki also reported in more detail on the findings pertaining to the possible upgrade to the HVAC unit in the high school gym in order to meet current standards of ventilation. The gym area was not included in the large HVAC project done on the school several years ago. MLA Architects and Hallberg Engineering were brought in to provide preliminary numbers. The old unit requires frequent costly repairs and is a heating only system. The new indoor air handling unit would also include a condensing unit. The preliminary cost estimate is $409,000. Cselovszki said the district could issue a 10-year bond for the expenditure. He asked the board to study the information provided and said he would place it on the action agenda in January.

Matt Moline of Eide Bailly presented a preliminary audit report to the board. He said just a few figures are still needed, and the final report would be provided for approval when complete. Changes in fund balances from July 2015 to July 2016 are: General Fund increased by $241,307; Food Service Fund decreased by $2,053; and Community Service Fund (early childhood classes) increased by $21,611. Moline said the undesignated fund balance in the General Fund came to $1,853,040—an approximate three and one-half-months operating reserve. He also pointed out that an increase of 30 pupil units (funded at $10,000 each) provided the bulk of the increase in the fund balances.

District Finance Director, Amanda Boomgarden, conducted the public Truth in Taxation hearing on the 2016 payable 2017 tax levy. The district’s proposed levy increase is $44,187, or 3.65 percent over last year. There were no questions. The board approved certifying the levy to the county.

Action items approved:

•Hire Kaitlyn Borneke as part-time Speech and Language instructor, Jan. 3 through May 19, 2017, .5FT at $9,003.63.

•Hire Terry Deibele as junior high boys basketball coach at $2,146.

•Hire Marc Tiederer as junior high girls basketball coach at $2,146.

•Termination of paraprofessional Denise Walter as of 12/15/16.

•Hire Marissa Gordon as elementary teacher for after school program at $23.69 per hour.

•Hire Linda Braulick as paraprofessional for after school program at $14.88 per hour.

•Hire Lindsey Remick as Payroll/Accounts Payable Clerk, 40 hours per week at $12.93 per hour.

The reorganizational meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Jan. 4 at 4 p.m.

The next regular meeting is Jan. 18 at 5:30 p.m.