Last week, I noticed our dog Pearl was going to the bathroom more than usual.


I kind of had a feeling she was sick, but it wasn’t until she had an accident in the house the next morning when we knew for sure something was up. I decided to sacrifice an hour at work to bring her to the vet to see what the problem was.


First off, I was very pleased to hear there even was a veterinarian place in town. Sleepy Eye keeps surprising me with the amount of services that are actually right here in town. It definitely would have been a pain to drive her all the way over to New Ulm. Anyway, on the way to the vet she went to the bathroom more than seven times, which is pretty crazy. I’m just glad I decided to walk her there because she probably would have made a mess in my truck.


After waiting for a veterinarian from Springfield to show up, Pearl was examined. I love golden retrievers because they are such a mellow breed. She didn’t mind at all that some stranger was examining her. I was proud of her for not freaking out, but I guess I wasn’t expecting her to. After a urine test, the vet told me she most likely has a bladder infection, which isn’t too big of a deal. I was given antibiotics, and the vet told me to give her two pills in the morning and two at night, which I thought would be a piece of cake.


I first tried hiding the pills in a piece of hot dog bun and giving it to Pearl to eat. After she gulped down the first one like she hadn’t eaten in years, she realized what I was doing. For the second pill, she ate the bun but spit out the pill like she was eating seeds or something. Krystal then gave it a try, and had the same problem so we resorted to breaking open the pill’s contents into a spoonful of peanut butter, which worked well as Pearl licked it clean but it took some time. I quickly noticed Krystal was a lot better at getting Pearl to eat the pills than I was. She resorted back to the hot dog buns, and geniously tricked Pearl into thinking she was getting pieces of hot dog bun as a reward for doing tricks, and hiding the pill into one of the many hot dog bun pieces. It worked well as Pearl was too distracted by doing the tricks to notice the pills.


Pets really are a part of our family. We feed them, walk them, pet them, entertain them, and take care of them. But somehow it’s always worth it.