Thirty-seven members of the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter worked at a booth for the Red BrownVille Farm Safety For Just Kids Chapter Aug. 5-7 at Farmfest.

Thirty-seven members of the Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter worked at a booth for the Red BrownVille Farm Safety For Just Kids Chapter Aug. 5-7 at Farmfest.


Members who participated in conducting the safety demonstrations included: Natalie Konopka, Natalie Stevens, Courtney Engholm, Crystal Portner, Isabella Portner, Sabrina Portner, Cassidy Hacker, Melissa Kral, Danny Fischer, Harley Braun, Justin Kotten, Cassidy Hoffmann, Matt Berkner, Macy Schenk, Jon Mickelson, Parker Neid, Cory Schumacher, Nathen Wendinger, Erin Kotten, Paige Romberg, Caleb Trebesch, McKayla Ashenbrenner, David Jasso, Ashley Johnson, Josie Schieffert, Jeni Kotten, Ashley Helget, Kacie Goblirsch, Marisa Martinez, Ken Capacia, Lauren Laffen, Allie Helget, Chris Linan, Colton Gemmill, Caleb Trebesch, Brandon Roiger and David Jasso.


The major role of the FFA members was to conduct the safety carnival activities each day of Farmfest. The carnival activities included: I Spy a Farm Hazard, Flowing and Bridging Grain, Tractor Safety, 911 Simulator, Auger Safety, Chemical Safety and Pinch Points (chains and belts). Other areas of the booth included a Safety Trivia Plinko Game by the Redwood Area Hospital Employees and the Tug-of-War with Grain staffed by Monsanto Company.


At the booth, several different types of prizes were given away to those who played the safety games and learned through the safety demonstrations. These prizes included water bottles, flashlights, first aid kits, pencils, pens, cinch bags and hot/cold packs. The money to purchase prizes was donated by United Farm Credit Services, Titan Machinery, Kibble Equipment, Weltsch Equipment, Harvestland/Ag. Quest and the Redwood Area Hospital. Monsanto donated the RedBrownVille T-shirts that the FFA members wore while working at the booth. The safety carnival activities were conducted in the Minnesota Farm Bureau tent.


When entering the tent, the youth were provided with a punch card which they took to each activity. When the youth had all 10 punches, they received a prize. The purpose of the booth that was in conjunction with the Minnesota Farm Bureau was to inform youth and adults about the dangers on farms and to always have safety foremost in their minds.


Many RedBrownVille Chapter members worked at the booth to make it successful. They included members of the Redwood Hospital and Monsanto, as well as Sleepy Eye, Wabasso and Cedar Mountain FFA members. The mission of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids is to promote a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries and fatalities to children and youth.


The RedBrownVille Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Chapter, was established in December of 2006. It is comprised of members from Redwood, Brown and Renville Counties. Anyone who has an interest in farm safety and wants to become a member of the RedBrownVille FS4JK Chapter, can contact Mary Hoffmann at Sleepy Eye Public High School.