The 2014 Demolition Derby at the Brown County Free Fair in New Ulm will feature four Sleepy Eye drivers on Saturday, August 9.

The 2014 Demolition Derby at the Brown County Free Fair in New Ulm will feature four Sleepy Eye drivers on Saturday, August 9.


In the Old Iron Stock category, Sleepy Eye’s own Tyler Braulick and Digger Helget will be competing for the top spot. Braulick will sport the number 14 while Helget will be number 99. Meanwhile, #63 Joe Ibberson will be competing in the 80’s Stock, and #215 Scott Haala will be competing in the Modified category.


Payouts for first, second, third, and fourth place will be $1,000, $800, $700, and $500 respectfully for both the Old Iron Stock and the Old Iron/80’s Modified categories. Meanwhile, first place in the Trucks division will receive $700, while first in the 80s and Newer Stock/Subcompacts will be $600. If time allows, a free-for-all race will take place with all of the leftover cars, with the winner taking home $500.


So what are some demo derby strategies? According to, about one-third of all cars fail in the race due to a mechanical breakdown. Therefore, car preparation days and weeks before the race is key. A good working vehicle allows you to concentrate purely on strategy rather than problems with your car during the race.


To avoid taking big hits and getting stuck up against the side blocks, drivers should stay away from the corners of the ring. Also, driving in a counter-clockwise motion gives drivers an edge because the drivers side will face the inside of the ring, and other drivers are not allowed to hit you on the drivers door. Also, drivers should always try to keep moving. Constantly moving around lowers the force of hits on your vehicle.


Taking a hit broadside on the passenger’s side is best. Taking a hit on the front can hurt the engine, and drivers should save the rear for hitting other drivers. Protecting the weakest part of the vehicle is key.


Most of the time, getting stuck usually means elimination, as you take hits harder and dig yourself in a hole. Flooring it will usually make the situation worse as you dig yourself deeper into the mud. Best way to get out is to gently rock back and forth or use a hit to free yourself.


Finally, sandbagging is the practice of avoiding any contact with other drivers. The practice however is considered unfair and unsportsmanlike by many.


Saturday’s derby is set for 7 p.m. in the grandstand. Officials suggest getting tickets early as the event sells out every year. An addition of 100 seats will be used this year, however.