I was at the grocery store the other day and decided I would buy more healthy stuff for once. Then it dawned on me: I had no idea what to buy.


I think I literally said out loud to myself, “What are some healthy foods that can actually fill my stomach?” From what I have experienced, most healthy meal options never satisfy my hunger. Salads, for instance, are tasty, yet they aren’t really filling. It’s the same with soup, vegetables, fruit, etc.


The two options I have resorted to the most are healthy cereal and sandwiches. I love cereal to the point where I eat a bowl or two for dinner sometimes, and it feels even better knowing it’s a somewhat healthy option like Honey Bunches of Oats instead of the sugar-coated Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Meanwhile, a healthy yet delicious sandwich is what I love eating the most in terms of healthy options. It’s fun to experiment with different meats and cheeses and bread to find the best tasting combination. As far as bread, I only buy wheat or whole grain, and usually go ham with pepper jack cheese for the fillings. I know it’s not the healthiest option, but sandwiches like these can actually be filling which is rare. A sandwich with an apple or a banana with some milk is a pretty healthy, filling lunch.


Hopefully this healthy food trend isn’t a short term one and can stay with me for life. One thing I really want to cook more of is stir fry. A good stir fry with meat, pasta, vegetables and other items can be filling, delicious and healthy. I also want to take advantage of my blender and make some awesome smoothies.


I am definitely not a nutritionist, but I know eating a sandwich with an apple for lunch is better than a frozen pizza and root beer. Changing old eating habits is tough but I have to keep trying!