Sleepy Eye Public School softball coach Tim Hoffmann has announced his retirement from coaching.

Sleepy Eye Public School softball coach Tim Hoffmann has announced his retirement from coaching.


After nine years as varsity head coach, Hoffmann plans on stepping down after the 2015 season.


“It was more based on my son, he’s the youngest of four,” said Hoffmann on his decision to retire. “He’ll be a freshman next year and he plays baseball at Springfield and coaching here in Sleepy Eye I miss all of his games. I wanted to be able to see him play.”


Hoffmann originally planned on retiring after the most recent season. Plans changed however, after he wasn’t able to make it to his team’s final game of the year due to his mom’s illness. The Indian’s season came to an end on May 20 with a close, 5-4 loss to Cleveland.


“When I imagine the season I imagine being on the field and us taking it a little further than we did and I imagine going out more on my terms and not being able to be there because of my mother’s situation made it very difficult for me,” Hoffmann said. “So it got me thinking that maybe we should talk to a few people, talk to my family, talk to my wife, talk to my son and he said Dad go for 10 (years). Girls seem to want me back so we’re going to give it one more year.”


The announcement to stay one more year came at the end of the team’s banquet on July 2, where numerous athletes were awarded for their achievements this past season. Sleepy Eye had three players picked for the Tomahawk All-Conference Team, including Jamie Wells, Jamie Fischer, and McKayla Ahlrich. Jordyn Domeier received Honorable Mention All-Conference. Academically, both Ahlrich and Bethany Seifert were selected for the All-Academic Team. Hoffmann also gave out awards recognizing his seniors, letter winners and other team awards.


“I’m just thrilled with each and every one of them,” Hoffmann said. “And the hard work they put in not only on the field, but in the classroom.”


To Hoffmann, coaching a team is more than just wins and losses.


“I just enjoy being with the kids. We try and create a family type atmosphere. Unfortunately we had to deal with the unfortunate accident at the beginning of our season but we really as a group stuck together and tried to support one another through that and with my mom’s situation and with everything we just try to create a culture here where you look at the person next to you and you really care about that person and what’s going on in their lives.”


Following the meal and awards at the banquet, Hoffmann was given multiple gifts from his players, including a signed softball and a book with photos of his team throughout the most recent seasons. Hoffmann said the relationship he has with his team is like no other.


“They’re just good kids who work hard and care about others. That’s something we want to develop, something that goes beyond the softball field, something that can carry them into life.”