When I was in preschool I had a fascination with unicorns.

When I was in preschool I had a fascination with unicorns.


I’m not sure how the fascination began; I just knew that when all my friends were asking for ponies for Christmas, I was asking for a unicorn.


Eventually my preoccupation with unicorns must have gotten out of control because I remember my preschool teacher bursting my bubble when she told me unicorns were not real.


It was a crushing blow and I erased unicorns from my mind until just recently when my daughter and son were having an age-old disagreement on who was better: girls or boys.


When their friendly bickering began to turn to more serious character assassination, it was time to interject.


I explained that women and men are naturally and inevitably different and both genders possess unique qualities that are equally valuable.


As a mom, I certainly didn’t push my son toward trucks and my daughter toward dolls. If anything, I went out of my way to avoid giving them gender-stereotyped toys, offering glittery finger paint to my son and trains to my daughter. But it didn’t matter: My son turned his doll’s crib into a race car and my daughter was (and still is) obsessed with shoes.


After my explanation they both looked at me like I had rabbits coming out of my head.


“But who’s better? Boys or girls?” they persisted.

“I think unicorns are better,” I responded.


It got me off the hook, but took the conversation in a whole new direction.


Unicorns have been linked to stories and art since at least the Middle Ages. One of the iconic myths about unicorns is that a maiden’s innate goodness, purity, beauty and youth attract the unicorn.


The unicorn is part of the world of nature and part of the world of dreams–and completely of the heart and imagination.


Unicorns symbolize love, purity, balance, harmony, mystique and the power we have in our lives. Unicorns can symbolize the core of who we really are.


In the moment that I invited my unicorn back into my life, I realized that one of the greatest gifts I receive each day is learning about myself through my children.


I see my world through a fresh pair of eyes that yearn for new experiences. Better yet, I am challenged to confront my old patterns of thinking. It is a refreshing experience to abandon judgment and see the pure beauty of believing in something just because I can.


It opens my eyes to see my children in a different light as well.


Despite my daughter’s obsession with fashion, she surprises me with a confidence that often makes her seem tougher than her brother. And my son can be incredibly sensitive and tender. Gender is only a small part of what makes them who they are.


It is a refreshing experience to see the pure beauty of believing in an animal that symbolizes such an array of love. I can’t think of a better animal to believe in. I encourage all of you to unpack your unicorn and see where it takes you!