My sister-in-law introduced me to the application of this word.

My sister-in-law introduced me to the application of this word. Maybe it’s her East Indian upbringing, or maybe just her personality. Regardless, I find it quite useful. I first heard her use it years ago when she was out for a routine bike ride and collided with a rut in the road. Soaring through the air, over the handlebars of her bike, she finally landed directly on her face, with her front teeth catching her fall. With her teeth bent in, face badly scratched, and her body entirely sore, she commented that luckily someone passing by had a cell phone. She just continued on, luckily she didn’t loose any teeth, and luckily she didn’t break any bones. No complaining about the misfortunes she did experience, just gratitude for what didn’t occur.

Like the glass is half-full kind of perspective, the use of luckily seems to redirect the brain and change the entire chemistry of one’s body. It makes you realize that there is still a lot to be grateful for. The word itself, seems to imply a sense of strength or good fate. I really put it to the test a few weeks back and realized the incredible calming effect it had. Driving home from the cities late one night, after the kids and I had dinner with some friends, we met a deer on the road. I couldn’t stop fast enough to miss it, so the front end of our van was crushed and the radiator punctured, but luckily we were able to drive home the remaining five miles. Once I put that word into action, it just kept coming. Luckily, the deer hit only the front end of the van, luckily we were driving slowly, luckily no one got hurt. The next day the van was hauled away. I started to get nervous about how we would get to and from and then luckily Grandma and Grandpa had an extra vehicle for us to use, and then the repair shop had one we could borrow as well. The week that followed was a busy one, filled with events and appointments. I started to fret about the busyness of it all and then quickly pulled out my luckily and began to relax and be grateful. Luckily we can be involved in the activities, luckily we have such opportunities, luckily we have transportation to get to the events, luckily we are in good health, and the luckily’s just continued on.

Situations can always be seen in different ways depending on our point of view. Perspective influences everything. There is so much we can get uptight about in a day, so much to worry about, it’s kind of amazing how the use of a single word can redirect our thoughts and remind us of the good that is present. When a day gives you challenges, or it appears that things are just not going your way, remember to find your luckily!