It's rare to have Sleepy Eye featured on state or national networks, but when it comes to baseball, there is a lot to feature.

It's rare to have Sleepy Eye featured on state or national networks, but when it comes to baseball, there is a lot to feature.

Fox Sports North (FSN), who is producing programming for the MLB All-Star Game, took note of Sleepy Eye’s baseball history and came to town to learn more.

With the MLB All-Star game coming to Target Field July 15, FSN is filling their programming with everything Minnesota baseball and since Babe Ruth not only visited, but played a game in Sleepy Eye, his story was part of this programming.

The special on Sleepy Eye and Babe Ruth aired for the first time July 5 after the Twins game against the Yankees. If you missed the first airing of the program, it will be shown several more times befores the All-Star Game. Most of the programming will be done in the week leading up to the game.

The baseball field, the Depot Museum, the Berg Hotel and St. Mary’s School were all points of interest for FSN as they were all visited by Ruth while he was in town.

Randy Krzmarzick, John Mielke and John Schueller were also interviewed about their personal connections to Ruth’s visit. Besides Ruth and Bob Meusel, the teams were made up of great local baseball players, some still with family connections to the men who actually played with Ruth.

Leavenworth, Stark and Essig were also visited because of the great baseball history they possess.

Sleepy Eye is just a little part of what FSN is covering about Minnesota baseball before the game. The All-Star Game itself is being shown on the Fox national network but because FSN is the local Fox network to watch the Twins, they are covering everything from Sleepy Eye, to stories about members of the Military playing baseball. The programming will also include individual players from Minnesota including Joe Mauer, Rod Carew and Terry Steinbach.

People from all over will being coming to Minnesota for the All-Star game and FSN would like to show them how important baseball is to the state.

Babe Ruth

The story of Babe Ruth coming to Sleepy Eye has been told hundreds of times over the years but with it being featured recently, it is a good time to revisit his time here.

Babe Ruth came to Sleepy Eye on cold October day in 1922 after traveling from Omaha and arriving by train at the Sleepy Eye Depot.

Ruth was accompanied by his wife and Bob Meusel. The Ruth’s and Meusel went to the Berg Hotel before playing an afternoon game at the ballfield. Ruth hit two home runs in the game and they are said to be the longest balls ever hit at the local field.

After only six innings the game was ended and Ruth attended a Knights of Columbus banquet at St. Mary’s School.

Sleepy Eye was the smallest town that Ruth visited while he was traveling in 1922. Other cities he visited included Omaha and Kansas City.