Every summer the lake becomes a busy spot for locals as well as others from surrounding communities. Sleepy Eye Lake has so much to offer a small town like Sleepy Eye and yet there are some who always have something to complain about.


For most people, the lake is a great spot to fish, boat, camp or just relax in one of the two parks that are right on the lake. For others, it smells too bad or the algae is gross. There are times when the lake isn’t crystal clear, but without it the community wouldn’t be the same.


Many towns around Sleepy Eye don’t have a lake so they come here to boat or fish and the lake offers so much more than just boating and fishing. We also have the bike trail and campground for visitors to use, although some complain about those too.


To have a lake in town, that you can literally walk to from your house, is something that a lot of communities would love to have. It brings non-local people to Sleepy Eye and many of them may buy bait or eat at one of the restaurants while they are here.


If Sleepy Eye didn’t have a lake, the handful of people who complain about the lake, bike trail or anything else, would drive to the closest lake and tell their friends how great it was. What the lake offers Sleepy Eye is often taken for granted by some locals but the visitors seem to love it.


Drive through the campground during the weekend and it’s always full. The bike trail is always busy and the fish are always biting. So instead of noticing the negatives of the lake and the area around it, notice how many people love spending time there.