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  • I have to laugh when I look through previous year's columns at the pictures and the content of those columns from days gone by.
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  • I have to laugh when I look through previous year’s columns at the pictures and the content of those columns from days gone by.
    I’m glad times change us and hopefully for the better, but people keep telling me it’s time to update that photo again. They say it doesn’t even look like me anymore.
    Through the years during this week I’ve written about graduations, not only of the local students, but my own children as well. Watching each one walk acrosss the stage to receive their well deserved diploma and the tears of joy.
    Others have been about meaningful Memorial Day services whether here in Sleepy Eye or in my hometown of Graceville.
    In 2008 I wrote about a five-year-old who had been voted out of kindergarten by his classmates which had been orchestrated by the teacher. This poor child was put in front of the classroom and one by one, each child told what they didn’t like about him. The child at that time was in the process of being tested for Asperger’s Disorder. I would pray that never happens to another child! I couldn’t imagine being the parent and wondering how something so cruel could possibly have taken place in today’s society.
    This week in 2007 brought BJ Sprenger home from the military hospital he had been in since his injuries overseas when his unit hit a road explosive and BJ was seriously injured. I just caught of glimps of BJ over the weekend and its great to see how well it appears he has recovered. God truely answers our prayers.
    In small communities, God is present in everyday tragedies and blessings. His hand and handiwork are evident as you watch people go about their everyday life. Sleepy Eye is so fortunate to be a community of loving and caring people. Just look around and see the face of Jesus in its residents and you’ll understand why Sleepy Eye is a great place to live, work and play.
    Thought for the week: The future is the past returning through another gate. – Frank Burke.
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