Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to thank one of my very best friends for hanging through all the tough spots with me.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want to thank one of my very best friends for hanging through all the tough spots with me.

She has known me for years and never judged my faults harshly.

This fine lady has encouraged me no matter what crazy situation or challenge I have encountered.

While we didn’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, she did her very best to give me advice, even when I didn’t want it.

Mom, you have been there from the very first cry and we have shared many tears together throughout the years. Some were tears of joy while others were sadness.

Giving tops her list of qualities I most admire. She continues to give and give, sometimes even to a fault. She allowed my three brothers and I to find our wings even when she wanted to keep us as close as possible.

Teaching is another gift she possesses, not so much in the way of book learning, because that was Dad’s area with us. The things Mom taught me was nurturing. Taking care of my brothers to start, then the neighborhood kids. Cleaning, keeping things tidy so we could actually run from one end of the house to the other without tripping. Cooking was another special skill she shared with me. When she and Dad were working, it was my responsibility to get supper going so when they arrived home, we could sit down as a family and share the meal. They never told me it wasn’t good and through the years, those cooking skills improved.


Kindness she shows to everyone from infant to elders and like her generation, she respects all those who are older than she no matter what the situation.


She is sensitive. She wears her heart on her sleeve and I guess I am just like her in that respect. Neither of us likes confrontation but it is a part of life. She decides if it is really worth the argument and more times than not, it isn’t.


When it comes to her children, she will defend them to the end just like a lioness protecting her cubs from danger.


In her younger years, Mom had the singing voice of an angel. I could have listened to her for hours and many times she gave me goosebumps. She says now, when you stop using those talents, you lose them.


One of Mom’s greatest gifts to me was her bringing us to Sunday School. That was the beginning of my faith walk with God.


While there is about 150 miles that separate us, there is nothing that could ever “separate” us. We talk most weeks a couple of times and sometimes more often. No matter if just a couple of minutes or an hour, every conversation always ends with, “I love you too Mom.” Happy Mother’s Day!


Thought for the week: Home is where your most important and favorite memories are. – Thomas J. Watson, Sr.