This weekend I’ll not only be covering St. Mary’s prom, but I’ll also be moving from my rental house to a different rental house in town.


The house we’ve been renting has been for sale since I moved in last year, and someone finally bought it. We knew we would have to move out sooner or later-we were basically living in one of the cheapest houses for sale in Sleepy Eye. Despite the hassle of moving, we’re actually really looking forward to it.


Our new place is about 10 times bigger than our current house which will be awesome. Living in a 740 square foot house with a big dog and a cat was definitely a challenge. We’re going from one bedroom and one bathroom to three HUGE bedrooms and two bathrooms. Krystal didn’t even have her own closet, she had to use a makeshift one which clearly wasn’t enough room for all of her clothes as a lot of them ended up on the floor. Sometimes it looked like we were on an episode of Hoarders.


The one thing we’re most excited about is having a dish washer. We both hate doing dishes, and the absence of a dishwasher at the old place made it even worse. All I need now is a Roomba and my ultimate dream house of laziness will be complete.


Despite all the pros, there are two cons to our new house. The first is the garage. We had the luxury of having a massive two car garage which is always nice having in the winter. Now we will just have a single car garage, which means one of us will have to park in the elements. However, the old garage was detached from the house and the new one is attached, which is a plus.


The second is the basement. Being that I’m 6-foot-1, I have to duck the entire time I’m in the basement as the ceiling is super low. It’s also probably the creepiest basement ever, full of ancient spiders living in a sea of cobwebs. I’m going to have some fun sucking those bad boys up with the ol’ shop vac.