THE TIM ORTH Foundation mascot sprayed down a referee with a fire extinguisher on March 28 in Fairfax. The event featured basketball games between the Tomahawk and Red Rock Conferences. Seniors Juan Montemayor, John Brandl, and Jamie Marti represented Sleepy Eye at the event. Both Brandl and Montemayor competed in a 3-pointer contest, with the winner going to Andrew Hempeck of Mountain Lake Area. For the boys, Red Rock Conference won 73-53. For the girls, the Tomahawk Conference won 52-41. Larissa Rohlik of Wabasso won the 3-pointer contest for the girls. Along with the basketball games, two professional basketball dunking teams performed, as well as the “Alexander Acers”, a young group of basketball handlers. There was also a “quick change” magic act, and Olympic gold and silver medalist and speed skating Coach Derrick Parra attended. Not to mention, a number of mascots attended and performed various antics as well. Proceeds supported three recipients chosen by the foundation in need of support.