Last Saturday my fiancé and I attended St. Mary’s production of “Shrek The Musical.” It was the first school play I’ve been to in Sleepy Eye, and I really enjoyed it.


I absolutely loved the original Shrek movie, so I knew I would love seeing an on-stage version. First off, big props to the cast. Mike Hirsch played a great Shrek. I wasn’t expecting a Scottish accent like in the movie, but Hirsch was able to pull it off! I also wasn’t expecting Donkey to have the Eddie Murphy type persona, but Nick DeMaris executed the character perfectly.


I was also very impressed with the dancing and choreography. Every single dancer was synced with all the others, which is something much harder than it sounds. It requires a ton of patience and many hours of practice so once again, big shout-out to the cast! We were looking forward to the “Welcome to Duloc” song and were not disappointed.


The other awesome event I attended last weekend was the Tim Orth Foundation annual basketball event in Fairfax. At first glance the event was all about the basketball games between the Tomahawk Conference and the Red Rock Conference. Seniors John Brandl, Juan Montemayor and Jamie Marti represented Sleepy Eye at the event. However, the event was much more than the basketball. There were several amazing groups of people who performed, such as two professional basketball dunking teams. These guys were spectacular-they travel all around the U.S. performing at events like this one, using mini trampolines to jump, flip, bounce and slam down huge dunks. I took a video of their final dunk and posted it to our website, so be sure to check that out. There were also a few mascots at the game, who performed tricks and messed around with the crowd-(and the refs!) which was very entertaining. There was also a young group of basketball handlers, much like the Harlem Globetrotters, as well as two professional “quick change” performers who put the audience in a state of awe with their quick change magic act.


In summary, it was such a great event and of course all for a good cause. This event, along with seeing “Shrek” and enjoying the warm weather, made it a very fun weekend.