Last weekend I released my inner nerd by entering into a video game tournament. The video game is called Super Smash Bros. Melee, an old school game that involves all of the greatest Nintendo characters battling it out. It’s probably my favorite video game ever, as the multi-player mode is phenomenal and it’s really fun to play.


Even though I’ve been playing the game since it came out in 2001, I knew coming into the tourney I wouldn’t do too well. The skill level in this game is insane, I find myself to be pretty decent at it but I’m not nearly as good as some of the die-hard players. Therefore, I was pretty much expecting to lose right away. However, I ended up not doing too bad. I won my first set of games (each match is a best of three games), and then lost my second which sent me to the losers bracket, where I won one and lost one. I was pretty satisfied after going 2-2 overall. Besides the event being very disorganized and overly crowded, it was still pretty fun. I definitely want to play more and get better. This game has a pretty cool following-almost every major city around America has a “Smash” community in it. I know there’s one in Mankato, but I think it would be fun to start one up in New Ulm if there isn’t one already.


Last weekend I was also defeated in my men’s college basketball bracket. I was doing pretty well in my bracket up until this weekend, which took a turn for the worse. One of the biggest flops for me was when Wichita State lost to Kentucky. I had Wichita making it to the final four which is a bummer. I also had Villanova making it to the final four, but they lost to Connecticut in the second round. Ugh. Creighton, Kansas, and Syracuse are three more teams I picked to go on but all lost. Thankfully, Florida and Arizona are still in it. I have Florida beating Arizona in the championship, so if that happens I’ll still call my bracket a success.


In other news, spring sports season is finally upon us. Compared to last year when it was still snowing in May, this year looks to be a normal spring season which is exciting. I’m not sure what the status is on the softball or baseball fields or the golf courses, but I’ll try my best to keep the weekly sports schedule as accurate as possible in the next couple of weeks as we’ll most likely see a few schedule changes.