If you read my deep column last week, you already know that I don’t have a New Years resolution that involves exercising every day. But ironically, staying physically active is still something I believe in.

Recently, I have been actively watching a lot of TV. Obviously this isn’t a very physical type of activity, but it’s hard not to watch TV in the winter. Winter is the one season where my physical activity slows down to its lowest point. I’ve debated getting a local gym membership, but usually my way of staying active is doing things outside, such as disc golfing, biking, kayaking, etc., and you can’t really do those things when it’s -100 degrees outside with 50 feet of snow on the ground. (I might have exaggerated that a bit.)

Therefore, my current physical activity involves taking my dog Pearl for short walks and occasionally walking to work. Lets just say I’m looking forward to spring so I can get back into shape. But in the meantime, I’ll be watching, ironically, athletes doing physical activity via the tube. There are a lot of sporting events taking place soon which I’m stoked to watch.

First of all, the Australian Open started four days ago and will run until the 26th. Number 2 ranked Novak Djokovic is the early favorite to win on the men’s side, mainly because he has won it for three straight years. But I have a feeling No. 1 ranked Rafael Nadal will give him a run for his money.

Next up is the Winter X Games, which takes place on Jan. 23-26. From snowmobile competitions to the snowboarding SuperPipe, the Winter X Games are always a joy to watch. It’s also a nice preview for the Winter Olympics, which will start on Feb. 7. Who doesn’t enjoy watching all of those strange winter sports such as curling, luge, bobsleigh, speed skating and biathlons?

Finally, who could forget Super Bowl 48 on Feb. 2. My prediction? Seahawks over the Patriots, 31-28.

So as you can see I have plenty of legit reasons to stay inside and watch TV for the next several weeks. This is staying active at its finest.