TEAM MEMBER JUDD Walter from the 1995-99 squad puts up two points against multiple defenders in the championship game on Dec. 28. Walter’s team went on to claim the championship title over the 2005-06 team. It was the 32nd annual alumni tournament, where eight alumni teams, ranging from the 1980s to the most recent graduates, battled it out to determine which class is the ultimate champion. It wasn’t the first time the 1995-99 and the 2005-06 teams have faced each other, as they have combined to win 12 of the last 16 alumni tournaments. This year, the 1995-99 team broke a three year winning streak made by the 2005-06 team and took home the trophy. The consolation championship featured the recent class of 2012-13 coming out on top over a team from the 1980s. Meanwhile, the class of 2008 won the third place matchup over the 2001 team.