I know this will be published on Dec. 26, but I want to give some respect to the holiday traditions that are slowly fading away from us every year.

First off, rummaging through my Christmas stocking every year is probably the best part of the day. You reach in, and you never know what you’re going to get. These mini-gifts have always brought me great joy. Whether it’s a candy bar or a pair of tweezers, stocking stuffers are just plain old fun. A few years back, my Dad’s side of the family decided to quit the stocking tradition from our extended family Christmas get-togethers. My sister and I were appalled at the decision. Some of the family members claimed it was “Too much work.” Thankfully, Santa continues to fill mine every Dec. 25. Thanks Santa!

One holiday tradition that I’ve never actually seen work is mistletoe. I think I’ve spotted it around before, but most people don’t even know what mistletoe looks like. I think the problem with it is there are many Christmas decorations that have similar resemblance. Wreaths, poinsettias, garland, they all just kind of blend together. I’m sure some people have a few tales of awkward mistletoe moments, but I’ve certainly never heard of any.

Christmas caroling is one tradition I feel is dying more than all others. I’ve only been caroling once, and it was for one of our neighbors. Does anyone actually carol anymore?

One thing I enjoyed as a kid was driving around town looking at Christmas lights with my family. But it seems as though there are less and less houses decorated with lights every year. I don’t know if it’s because of the higher cost of living, or if simply a case of laziness. Either way, the Christmas light tradition is definitely fading away, which is unfortunate. I plan on decking out my future house with lights every year until the day I die.

Some of the other traditions I haven’t heard of people doing in a while are making gingerbread houses, swapping white elephant gifts with friends, and sending Christmas cards.

In short, let’s try and keep some of these traditions alive. Don’t let the economy, technology, or any other modern way of living change the way holiday traditions are meant to be!