This weekend I’ll be making the long trip over to Green Bay, Wis. to attend the Packers/Steelers game.

It’s either my third or fourth time going to a Packer game in Lambeau, I can’t remember, but I’m sure this one will be just as fun as the others. Even though the Packers have had a rocky season, and even though Aaron Rodgers might not be playing, I’m still super excited to spend the day in Titletown, USA. And with the incredible win over the Cowboys last Sunday, the Pack still have a playoff chance which makes the game that much more exciting.

Here’s a few fun facts on the Frozen Tundra: Lambeau Field is the only stadium in the NFL that’s primarily bench seating. The Packers organization has kept the bench seating even through multiple renovations, to keep some of the original flavor and history to the stadium. Because of the bench seating, which maximizes space, Lambeau holds a capacity of 80,750. This makes it the third largest NFL stadium in terms of capacity, behind FedExField and MetLife Stadium. Lambeau is also the oldest stadium in the NFL, after it opened in 1957. Season tickets for the Packers have been sold out since 1960, and there are more than 80,000 people currently on the waiting list. The stadium got the nickname of “The Frozen Tundra” after the Packers played the Cowboys on Dec. 31, 1967. The game was played in temperatures around -15 degrees, with wind chills even colder.

According to, temperatures will be in the single digits on game day. It’s certainly better than -15, but it sounds like The Frozen Tundra will definitely live up to its name this Sunday. I don’t mind cold weather, and the experience had at Lambeau makes it well worth it. The amount of tailgating that goes on here is insane. It’s basically one big party hours before and after each game. This is the best part of the experience. It’s not just about the game, but also about all of the game day festivities that stretch far beyond the stadium itself. It’s pretty easy to make friends too, as everybody has one thing in common: the love for Packer football.

So even if you’re a Viking fan, try and plan a trip to a Packer/Viking game in Lambeau some time. You’ll be glad you did!