I listen to just about everything when it comes to music. Everything but metal and country. But one of my favorite genres of music has to be classic rock. Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, you can't go wrong. About a week ago, I was driving into Sleepy Eye when I tuned into 105.5 The River, because it usually has a good mix of classic hits to keep my ears satisfied. But all of a sudden, my truck was filled with the joyous sounds of Christmas music. My brain didn't know what to think. I was shocked, confused, but strangely happy all at the same time. Nevertheless, I immediately changed the channel. My family and I have a strict rule when it comes to Christmas music: no listening until after Thanksgiving. It only makes sense to take one holiday at a time, and to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is just wrong. The same goes for turning on Christmas lights. Lights can officially be turned on for the first time at midnight, Nov. 29.

I wish these rules applied to the rest of society. Clearly, 105.5 The River didn't follow the unwritten rule. I love Christmas and Christmas music, so I'm glad to know there is a full time Christmas radio station around here, but I won't be listening until tomorrow. At least they aren't as bad as most department stores, who have Christmas decorations up for sale as early as September. Whenever I walk through these stores in early fall I always think, "Really? It's not even Halloween yet!"

I was pretty excited when I heard there is a Christmas decorating contest held in Sleepy Eye. But I now realize my tiny rental house has little to no space for decoration besides a small shrub by the front door. I plan on decorating the heck out of that shrub though. If there was a contest for the most decorated shrub, I would win.

So hurry up and digest your turkey, because Christmas celebration begins tomorrow. At midnight tonight, I'll be kicking off the celebration by listening to my favorite Christmas song of all time, "Do you hear what I hear," by the one and only Bing Crosby.