Winter sports season is officially here, and has been for about two weeks with the girls hockey team. Members of the boys hockey team will have their first game next Saturday. Meanwhile, boys basketball games will start at the end of this week, with girls starting at the end of next week. And last but not least, the wrestling season will start the first week of December.

As you can see, I am going to be plenty busy. With four basketball teams, two hockey teams, and a wrestling team to cover, this is the busiest season for me. Last winter, we had two part-time sports guys here at the paper which worked well. One would cover Sleepy Eye High School sporting events while the other would cover St. Mary’s. But this time it’s me and me only, which is going to be tough. Obviously I won’t be able to cover each and every home event for all seven teams. I’m going to try my best to fairly cover as many events as possible for both schools. One thing is for sure: this chaotic sports season will make the cold winter go by quick.

You will see a couple of changes in the sports section starting this week. Now that the season has begun, I have brought back the weekly sports schedule for all to see. I am also going to include the conference standings for the basketball and hockey teams each week so readers can keep up to date on the top teams throughout the season.

Finally, I have decided to end my weekly predictions. The predictions were fun to make and all, but it really only works for football because football games took place once a week just like our paper. There’s simply way too many games if I were to predict both high school and professional basketball and hockey each week. I’ll probably continue keeping track of my NFL predictions just for kicks and giggles. Right now I am 6-3 in my Vikings predictions and 7-2 for the Packers. Definitely looking forward to an intense Packer-Viking game this Sunday!