The month of November is filled with events and experiences to be thankful for.

The month of November is filled with events and experiences to be thankful for.

Harvest is in and we can be thankful for another good year. The weather cooperated pretty well throughout the summer and crops were in before the snow was falling. I am thankful that those who are passionate about working with the land have good health to continue to do what they love. When the days get long, for those in the fields or those at home, I am thankful for the equipment available to make the work of harvest go a little quicker.

Election Day offers us the reminder that we live in a democratic country and that our voice matters. It also reinforces that we have rights and individual freedoms. I appreciate that we have the freedom to think differently, to practice different customs and to express ourselves in our individual ways.

I’m not a big hunter, but I know some who are. Deer hunting occurs this month and seems to offer more than just the shooting of an animal. The peace and silence in the woods or fields must be like a little retreat. How often do we position ourselves in the cold, fresh air and be still? It must be an invigorating experience. Sharing stories with friends or family is sometimes the greatest part of the experience, it seems.

Veterans Day, this week, reminds us to be thankful for the service and sacrifices made by military members and their families. When I see pictures of soldiers returning from deployment, I see the heartache the loved ones have endured and the exhausted relief to once again have their soldier in their arms. Holding so tight, it appears they don’t ever want to let go again. Many soldiers suffer physical or emotional trauma during their duty or when they return and their loved ones work hard to encourage and support them. For whatever reasons soldiers have for risking their lives and separating from family to protect our entire country, they offer a great deal. I am thankful for all they do!

Thanksgiving offers another opportunity to be thankful. A time to connect with family or friends and/or a day to consider the important traditions and values you have. By merely considering them, taking a moment to reflect on you, you can boost your self-confidence and feel recharged to continue to do what you do. Thanksgiving has always been filled with good food, a cozy house, refreshing walks and relaxing conversations. I am incredibly thankful for that. May everyone experience a comforting Thanksgiving!

If we need a month of events to remind us to focus on thankfulness, we’ve got it. There are many things every month and even each day. Today, focus on what you have and be thankful.

“An attitude of gratitude spreads like ripples from a tossed pebble, benefiting all that it touches” author unknown.