The word “thankful” is defined as “feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative” ( At St. Mary’s Catholic School, we experience that feeling of gratitude and incredible appreciation every day.

The word “thankful” is defined as “feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative” ( At St. Mary’s Catholic School, we experience that feeling of gratitude and incredible appreciation every day. We are thankful…for the many benefactors of our Marathon for Non-Public Education. As both a major fundraiser for school needs and a tangible display of support for Catholic education, the Marathon was an undeniable success! The current total is over $56,000! This proved such a success that elementary principal Mary Gangelhoff will be spending a night on the roof of the school! This kind of outcome could not be possible without commitment of our faculty, alumni and friends who so generously sponsor our students and staff. We are thankful…for all those Facebook friends who voted for St. Mary’s during the “Give with Target” campaign. Because of your efforts, St. Mary’s received a check for $725 which will be used to help upgrade our technology programs. We are thankful…for our dedicated teachers who are utilizing the results of our NWEA tests and developing interventions and teaching strategies to help every child reach their full potential. These teachers are also now busily finalizing student report cards and preparing for our parent-teacher conferences on Nov. 12 and 14. We are thankful…for the many extracurricular opportunities that our students have to explore their talents. Our junior/senior band and choir recently held its first concert, an experience that demonstrates their hard work and the efforts of director, Rachel Moldan.

Our annual spring musical has been announced and the St. Mary’s cast and crew will be performing Shrek under the direction of the amazing Julie Neubauer! This will be an event you do not want to miss! Our fall student-athletes represented St. Mary’s well. They played with determination and dedication as they continually reflected the values that they have been taught. Our cross country coach, Scott DeMaris, was honored as the Tomahawk Coach of the Year and, although our volleyball season ended earlier than hoped, new head coach Jen Walter and her coaching staff did an outstanding job with her team. Our tennis team also experienced a successful season. Although as we write this, we do not know the outcome of our football season, we are so proud of their undefeated regular season. That does not happen by chance or by luck, but by a strong head coach, Brent Kucera and his coaching staff who knows how to reach the fullest potential of each player and generate in them a sense of pride in being a Knight. We are thankful…for the exciting opportunities that our students have!

The 6th graders will be attending BizTown, a simulated city that they will be running for the day. Prior to their trip, they will be interviewed by local business people to determine which job they will perform at BizTown, whether it’s a banker or a radio deejay or a shop owner. The Scholastic Book Fair will take place Nov. 12 and 14, an opportunity for students, teachers and parents to fill their shelves with wonderful new books! We also have students beginning to prepare for another trip overseas with Julie Neubauer who has led numerous adventures to Europe and India.

We are thankful…to the many, many opportunities to celebrate our Catholic faith. Bishop John LeVoir celebrated our All Saints Day Mass with us. Service projects are a regular part of our school culture as students perform plays at Divine Providence, collect food for the food shelf through the National Honor Society Trick or Treat program, attend retreats to help deepen their faith…the list is endless! For all these many, many gifts, we are thankful…