Nominated by the Sleepy Eye Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, SFI is the privileged recipient of 2013 award

On the 2013 Manufacturing and Technology Award it states, “Excellence is an art won by training and habit....We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

October 20-26, Minnesota’s Manufacturers Technology Week is celebrated. Chambers across the state utilize this opportunity to recognize businesses which have contributed to their communities by supporting local economies, providing skilled, high-paying jobs and contributing to local organizations.

Nominated by the Sleepy Eye Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Schwartz Farms, Inc. (SFI) is the privileged recipient of this year’s award.

Founded in 1978, Schwartz Farms, Inc. (SFI) is a family-owned company committed to animal, environmental and socio-economic stewardship. Known for its quality pork production, SFI operates with integrity, excellence and innovation. Schwartz Farms is also a proud advocate of rural communities, employing over 200 full-time employees and working with more than 150 independent farm families across Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota.

In the past year, Schwartz Farms’ commitment to animal welfare has been evident through continuous improvement, such as reviewing standard operating procedures and ensuring caretakers are certified and sites assessed through the National Pork Board’s Pork Quality Assurance program, as well as initiatives of major significance, such as implementing 24-hour care of sows.

Another significant initiative was the installation of filtration systems for barns housing sows.

At its basic principle, a filtered barn is one whereby every particle of air is directed through a filter before entering the facility. This filtration system captures air-born diseases before they reach the animals, thereby preventing disease within the herd and promoting overall health of the animals.

This initiative was made possible with the collaboration of several local organizations, including concrete by Joshua Braulick of Sleepy Eye; general construction by S&J Construction (Joshua Krebs and Steve Krebs) and Frauendorfer Construction, all of Sleepy Eye; equipment design and installation by Haala Industries and Hoffmann Welding and Fabrication (David Hoffmann), both of Sleepy Eye, and Teske Manufacturing of Springfield; and electrical work by Sleepy Eye Electric of Sleepy Eye.

Schwartz Farms, Inc. is grateful to these companies for sharing their expertise in making filtered barns a reality at SFI’s facilities.

Schwartz Farms, Inc. is proud to contribute to its rural communities. Providing not just jobs, but careers, has resulted in the return of many young adults to the area. Schwartz Farms is dedicated to maintaining a family atmosphere, and in the past year set aside $4,875 in scholarships toward youth who have maintained employment over multiple years in its production facilities.

SFI has been a disciplined advocate of FFA, 4H, youth athletic programs, schools, fire departments, church and civic organizations and Santa’s Closet, to name a few.

True to the award, Schwartz Farms, Inc. has proven itself to be in the habit of excellence, working with integrity to not only provide a safe, nutritious and affordable product, but in a way which celebrates agriculture and advocates rural communities.

Schwartz Farms, Inc. is honored to be Sleepy Eye’s 2013 Manufacturer/Technology of the Year Award Recipient.