The St. Mary’s Knights hosted the Wabasso Rabbits on Oct. 11 where both teams battled it out to determine who would be dealt its first loss of the season.

St. Mary’s 36,

Wabasso 15

The St. Mary’s Knights hosted the Wabasso Rabbits on Oct. 11 where both teams battled it out to determine who would be dealt its first loss of the season.

Not only did the Knights beat an undefeated team, they made it look easy. St. Mary’s scored 16 points in the first quarter, after short touchdown runs were made by Lucas Heiderscheidt and quarterback Brandon Helget. Heiderscheidt scored after a successful first drive that took over five minutes off the clock. Junior David Surprenant ran in the two-point conversion which gave the Knights an 8-0 lead. But they weren’t done there, as another eight was scored after Helget ran for nine yards and a touchdown while a two-point pass from Helget to Kodan Kosak was successfully made. Meanwhile, St. Mary’s defense stopped all three attempts made by Wabasso’s offense in the first.

One of the longest and most successful drives the Knights have ever had this season took place throughout most of the second quarter. The drive began at the end of the first quarter, and 22 plays and over 12 game clock minutes later, St. Mary’s took a 24-0 lead. The four-yard touchdown run came from Surprenant, who ran for a total of 33 yards in the drive. Not to mention, Helget ran 37 yards himself, and threw 20 yards of completed passes as well. After the touchdown, the Knights made their third consecutive two-point conversion after a quick pass to senior John Brandl from Helget.

Determined not to be shutout in the first half, Wabasso scored during its next drive, which was the exact opposite of St. Mary’s. This drive was only two plays long, the second of which was a 62-yard touchdown pass. The Rabbits ran in the two-point conversion and brought the score to 24-8. The Knights had another chance to score right before half from another long drive, but were stopped on a fourth down attempt.

The third quarter was started with yet another score by St. Mary’s. This time it was the duo of Helget and Brandl who made a 17 yard touchdown play. A tricky two-point conversion pass from Surprenant to Brandl was attempted, but was no good. Although the Knights now had a 30-8 lead, Wabasso cut the lead in half after it scored a touchdown and an extra point kick to end the third.

The Knights ended up scoring a touchdown on their first drive of every quarter, as they scored six more to start the fourth. An impressive 37 yard touchdown pass was made from Brandl, who normally receives, to sophomore Kodan Kosak. Brandl attempted another pass, this time to senior Payton Adams on the two-point conversion, but was unsuccessful.

St. Mary’s had a total of 422 yards of offense on the night, with 289 rushing yards. The offense also completed five out of seven fourth downs. However, the Knights had 12 penalties for 120 yards on the night.

Helget led in passing after he went 12-20 for 96 yards and a touchdown. Surprenant led in rushing with 22 carries for 162 yards and a touchdown, while Brandl led in receiving with five catches for 46 yards and a touchdown. Michael Hirsch and Kosak were just behind Brandl with 45 and 37 receiving yards, respectfully. Heiderscheidt and Brandl led on defense with four tackles apiece, with Brandl recording the only sack of the game as well.