District 84 designated as Reward school from MDE, in top 15 percent of schools on Multiple Measurements Ratings

Sleepy Eye Public School was recently recognized for achieving Reward status on the Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) and placed within the top 25 schools in the state.

“We are ranking in the top 25 out of 131 schools earning the Reward designation in the state,” Superintendent John Cselovszki said. “That is really tremendous. These ratings reflect the work the staff has done in the past five years in teaching the standard skills required on state tests and building a curriculum to teach the essentials.” 

The MMR is a measurement of school performance used for holding schools accountable under Minnesota’s approved No Child Left Behind waiver. The MMR considers proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduations rates for schools. Points are assigned in each of the four domains based on a school’s percentile rank among schools with the same grade range, and the total MMR is the percentage of possible points that the school earned.

“We are 34 percent minority and this is very tremendous when compared with similar schools in our area with similar demographics.”

Proficiency, according to Cselovszki, is a benchmark measure based on MCA scores over several years. Growth is measured from year to year. The achievement gap is measured by taking into consideration students in special education and other special programs to help them achieve and perform at the same academic level as students the same age and grade level, he said.

“Comparing District 84 to similar districts with the same demographic make up shows just how far we’ve come and how successful we are,” Cselovszki explained. “We are moving forward with growth and closing the achievement gap and this status represents that.” 

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, this year 131 schools in the state of Minnesota received a Reward designation. These groups represent the highest performing of Minnesota’s 853 Title 1 schools. Of the schools designated as Reward, 79 of them have received the honor twice, while 20 schools have been recognized as top performers all three years.