Lions Club Student of the Month Nathan Lax

At St. Mary’s High School Nathan is involved in a variety of activities starting with football in the fall and intermural basketball and science fair in the winter. In addition he also participates in pep band and is a member of the technical crew for the school musical.

In his church Nathan is active as an altar server during Mass and has been since he was in third grade. He has also helped with various activities at the annual church festival. In his spare time Nathan enjoys working on the farm, goose hunting and having paintball matches.

The personal values that Nathan feels will help him succeed are his positive attitude, determination and organization.

“I get things done and I do them right,” Nathan said. “To see my end goal or accomplishment always pushes me to the end.” 

Nathan says that staying positive is important and he always looks for something positive even on the worst days.

Nathan: The greatest influence in Nathan’s life has been his father.

“He is dedicated to his work, but most of all he takes time for his family,” Nathan said. “My father is really a phenomenal man who picks out the good things in life. I don’t know what I would do without him.” 

Nathan’s plans after graduation are to attend college for engineering or electronics.