We all have thoughts. How long do you ponder things?

Recently there has been activity in our extended family that has made us mad, absolutely irritated us.  And, also, without trying, forced us to sit down and really hash out why we were angry, was it doing us any good and what was it doing to our relationships?  Those are hard questions.  We don't have them figured out.  We aren't even talking (yet) to some family members because tempers on our end are still flying.  And, we keep trying to remind ourselves that this home on Earth is temporary and it will soon pass.  

Have you had these moments?  Where you decide to be really mad about something and then a year later can't remember what it was you were so mad about?  Or, worse, you remember every detail?  I am going to call and spade a spade and tell you that RAGE AND BITTERNESS are unhealthy.  Ask your doctor.  They eat you alive, and start causing all kinds of things to flare up in your health.  Then, it trickles into your relationships, they start to falter and teeter and pretty soon you are in a hole (or a rut as my pastor calls it) and you are spinning your wheels.

You see, I am a "real" person.  I like being who I am all the time.  I can't "fake" that I am excited when I am irritated.  I am not the most refined person but I am not unrefined either.  I get offended.  My feelings get hurt.  Sometimes my feelings are justified, mostly they aren't.  My husband and I have been talking to each other the past couple of days in what has transpired and although we aren't talking to our kids about it, they are hearing what we are saying.  So how do you rectify these feelings?  These actions?  These moments when you think you want to cancel Christmas?

More next time...