As fall approaches there are many projects we are working on in our office.

As fall approaches there are many projects we are working on in our office.

In today's Herald-Dispatch you'll find another section to the paper, our 2013 Fall Harvest Outlook. From a wet spring to a dry summer, area farmers have had their challenges in producing this year's crop. Our hope for them is that this fall is a safe and bountiful harvest.

Monday in the Brown County Reminder you will discover a booklet the size of a magazine called Sympathy and Understanding. This piece helps to inform the reader of ways to cope with the sudden death of a loved one, how to prepare for a death and where to turn for advice if needed.

Watch in the Reminder the week of Sept. 30 for the 2014 Auto Guide. Information on the 2014 models and what to expect from the auto industry.

Homecoming will be the last Friday of September for both St. Mary's and Sleepy Eye Public Schools. A special two page spread will be devoted to wishing both schools a safe and victorious homecoming.

Just around the corner is the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will be returning the Paint it All Pink special section devoted to Breast Cancer information.

New for 2013, is a special section called Made in Minnesota. This new edition will be published in the Herald-Dispatch the week of Oct. 17. Minnesota, and especially our area of Southern Minnesota, can be proud of the many businesses that manufacture products right in our neighborhoods. If you are a business owner, manager or worker where the business produces product in our area, be sure to contact Terri to be included in this new edition. Made in Minnesota will be inserted into the newspapers in the communities of Sleepy Eye, St. James, Redwood Falls, Wabasso, Granite Falls, Cottonwood and Montevideo.

Watch for these and many more special editions coming in the Brown County Reminder and Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch in the coming weeks.

Thought for the week: When people are highly motivated, it's easy to accomplish the impossible. And when they're not, it's impossible to accomplish the easy. – Bob Collings.