There are several huge sporting events that have happened recently, whether it’s the first couple of regular season NFL games, or the Sleepy Eye Public/St. Mary’s football game, there’s much to talk about.

The U.S Open is officially over, as Rafael Nadal took the men’s title on Monday while Serena Williams took the women’s title the day before. Nadal amazed me throughout the Open with his ridiculous spin shots and overall determination and energy. Novak Djokovic gave him a run for his money (literally-over 34 million dollar prize) after winning 6-2 in the second set, but Nadal cruised his way through a 6-1 fourth set and won it all. Nadal won the match with only one ace, but had 33 less unforced errors than Djokovic. They say the person or team who makes less unforced errors in any sport is usually victorious.

The regular season in the NFL kicked off last Thursday, with Peyton Manning and the Broncos showing the Ravens who’s boss. The Broncos looked incredible against the defending Super Bowl Champs. Manning was unstoppable with his seven touchdown passes. That game alone puts the Broncos on top of the list as far as my predictions for Super Bowl contenders this year.

The first play of the season for the Vikings was a 78-yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson, which was pretty fun to watch to say the least. But Peterson only ran for 15 more yards for the rest of the game, and it included a turnover fumble as well. Christian Ponder made his share of mistakes after he threw three interceptions and had a fumble of his own. The Vikings will have to fix their errors if they want to have a successful season this year.

The opening game for the Packers was a nail-biter. I was expecting the Pack to lose from the beginning, so I was very pleased to see how close of a game it was all the way through. Aaron Rodgers threw 333 yards on the night with three touchdowns, but Colin Kaepernick was deadly as well, throwing for over 400 yards and three TD’s as well. Generally speaking, the Packers lost to San Fran’s wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who had 208 yards on the night. The throw from Kaepernick to Boldin will be a threat to every team the 49ers face this season.

Locally, the Knights played very well against the Indians in the crosstown football game last Friday. Despite the one sided game, it was a fun event to be at. Both teams brought a big crowd which was nice to see. I hope there will be that big of a crowd at the crosstown volleyball game on Sept. 10.

Finally, I want to let readers know I am starting a weekly “Chris’ Predictions” box in the sports section, where I will attempt to predict the outcomes of upcoming local and non-local sporting events each week.