Inspiring others with my spiced up porch

Very few things in life compare to having a lovely place to escape to.  I am not talking about Hawaii, or any other far-off place.  I am talking about the places in the midst of your chaos.  Mine, as I have mentioned before, is my porch.  Yesterday I spiced it up a bit.  Swept it and what a change that made!  I moved all the furniture that started to accumulate there and sold some of it!  I hung up a swag of fabric that was just long enough and had sat without purpose for too long!  I added mason jars filled with pearock from our patio and fake fall leaves.  Have I mentioned that raffia is an amazing decorating tool?  I moved potted plants to my front porch for a punch of green amongst the oranges, reds and yellows.  My porch floor is purple, so I added purple accents too, some ribbon, some purple flowers.  I rearranged the furniture I wanted to keep and viola!  An amazing transformation that cost me NO MONEY WHATSOEVER! It was so lovely I have been watching ladies all morning walk by admiring it!  It makes me feel great to inspire others!