A night with family is charming, indeed!

I have just had a phenomenal day and I must tell you all about it, dear readers.  I awoke to this dreadful day, this MONDAY, thinking that nothing would go right.  Before 8:30 we had lost the keys to open our garage, so my husband was trapped without a way in to his work van.  Our Kindle had gone missing although no one took it (nudge nudge) and the list continues on and on and on.  I had enjoyed my morning coffee, so that had gone right.  However, out of the blue, things progressively improved!  

I began school with my 4th grader and she was able to learn the concept that we were supposed to take a week to go over.  We took the extra time doing more experiments because what fun is science if you aren't "blowing things up"? (Her words, not mine).  My Kindergartener is learning to read and once that begins, it doesn't quit!  She was playing a word game on the floor and giggling to herself because she was able to sound out words and I would tell her she was right!  My blessed little three year old had announced to her sisters that she was going to play alone in her room for school, which she did!  I went up there to find her quietly playing on a toy computer, thoroughly engaged in her own world, her own play.

Then we ran errands, and it was lovely.  Hot, but lovely.

Afternoon found us all engaged in conversing with each other, as opposed to the yelling we typically have been known for.  Snacks all around were gobbled up and everyone was encouraging and sweet and I had to keep telling myself this was real because it didn't feel real!

A friend from down the road called and asked if we wanted apples, we could pick them ourselves so we decided after supper to go get some!  At one point I was under the apple tree (which is drooping under the weight of the apple abundance this year) and I stopped and took a mental photo.  Everyone was working together.  The girls were smiling.  My husband was laughing and we were all encouraging each other to "Jump!  Higher!  You can reach it!  So close!"  We returned home with a full bushel of apples.  I made a pie.  READ THAT!  I MADE A PIE...FROM SCRATCH!!!!!  Oh. my. word.  Glorious.

We were about to put the kids to bed and my incredible husband says to me, "Just go relax downstairs, I will finish putting the kids to bed."

Heaven.  I think I am in heaven!