Lori Skoloviyov, Kindergarten teacher, St. John's Lutheran School

What inspired you to become a teacher?

 “My teachers inspired me to become a teacher.I grew up with great teachers and I wanted to be like them.” 

What is most challenging as a teacher? Why?

“The most challenging part of being a teacher is finding different teaching methods to help all your students. There isn’t a “one-size fits all” method,” Lori said. “You have to be willing to ask other teachers, work with parents, research and STUDY to find different methods to help your students. You have to be flexible and be up for the challenge that your day can change in a moment’s notice.”

What teaching moment is most memorable?

“I love the moment when a child begins to read. It is like a light bulb goes on and the child suddenly understands that all those letters make words. Their face lights up and they read and sound out words. I love that moment!”

More about Lori

Age: 40

Experience: Lori has taught fifth grade at Trinity Lutheran in Brillion, Wisc., first and second grade at St. Stephen’s in Beaver Dam, Wisc., preschool director and third and fourth grade teacher at Abiding Word in Houston, Tex. and has been a special education teacher for the severe and profound at South Hamilton Public School in Jewell, Iowa.

Education: Lori graduated from MVL in 1991 and MLC in 1996. She also received a special education degree at the University of Northern Iowa.

Hometown: Lori moved around a lot as a child and has lived in Lake City, Saginaw, Mich., Boyd, Sanborn, Kiev, Ukraine and Cornell, Wisc.

Family: Lori’s father is a pastor in Courtland and Brighton, she has seven siblings and was married to a wonderful man who passed away last year. She is blessed with four children, Tatyana, Yuri, Aleksei and Katya, who carry on his memory.