I love chocolate.

I love chocolate. I think my husband and I do a similar chocolate search regularly throughout our kitchen. As I watch him, I can see that he has the same hopeful excitement as I do, for those two cupboards that generally have chocolate in them, to hold the favorites.

We recently had some good Dove chocolates. I love those, for more than just the delicious chocolate, I also enjoy reading the little message inside the wrapper, because it’s always encouraging. A recent wrapper had the message, “Take a moment and enjoy what you have.”

Do you ever notice how some lessons or messages come to you in many different forms and sometimes all in a short period of time? It’s as if you are really supposed to understand that particular point, right now. If you don’t see it in one place, it’s put in another. When it’s in my chocolate, I’m really paying attention!

Shortly after reading that wrapper, I was at a store I really enjoy. It’s uplifting to just be in this particular store, but when you buy something, your product is put in the most amazing inspirational bag. Its generally a bright colored bag that has thoughts all over it, like; Friends are more important than money, or Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself, and Life is full of setbacks; success is determined by how you handle setbacks. Beautiful reminders. This particular time, I received a black bag with just one word; Asteya, and the thought “we learn through asteya that everything we need in life is already within us.” I looked the word up to learn that it also means non-stealing, or being content with what comes to you by honest means. Being happy with what you have. There it is again.

I realize, days get busy and just go by fast; it’s easy to forget that there is a lot to be thankful for. Many things in our society lead us away from gratitude too, like popular media teaching us that bigger and better, more money, more stuff is what makes us important, happy people. Striving for that though, unfortunately, brings business, stress, clutter and excess; which takes energy away from us rather than empowering us.

It’s great to be aware of messages surrounding you. We all receive our own, but I couldn’t help but share mine and encourage you too, to take a moment now and then to notice and be thankful for all that you have within you and around you. That is where the greatest peace and happiness is. Slow down! I mean really, like take a deep breath and stop moving! You have some great gifts and talents. Think of them. You mean a lot to people around you and you’re lucky to have those dear people in your life. At this moment, you are in the middle of something great! Enjoy it all!