Sleepy Eye Public Elementary Kindergarten teacher

What inspired you to become a teacher?

“All the amazing teachers I’ve had growing up over the years and getting the chance to instill a love of learning in my own students.” 

What is most challenging as a teacher? Why?

Amber said the most challenging part of teaching kindergarten is making sure every student starts with a strong foundation.

“My goal is to make sure every student is successful and grows,” Amber said.

What teaching moment is most memorable?

Amber said choosing just one teachable moment is hard to choose. Instead, she said seeing how much students grow over the course of a year, especially in reading and math is a memorable moment.

More about Amber

Age 22

Experience: Graduated in 2012 from Westminster College in Missouri and has been a long-term substitute.

Education: A bachelor of arts degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She is currently studying Educational Technology for her master’s degree.

Hometown: Jefferson City, Mo.

Family: Husband, Joshua