Special Education teacher, Sleepy Eye Public School

What inspired you to become a teacher?

“When I was in fifth grade, my mom was an aide in a Special Education classroom. I helped out and knew right then that I wanted to be a Special Education teacher.” 

What is most challenging as a teacher? Why?

Nichole said what is most challenging about being a teacher is fitting everything you want to teach into a school year and finding balance.

What teaching moment is most memorable?

“Every day is memorable when I make a connection with a student and put a smile on their face.” 

More about Nichole

Age 29

Experience: Nichole taught in the metro area for three years and did home programming for individuals with disabilities for three years.

Education: Bachelors degree in Special Education from Minnesota State University, Moorhead.

Family: Fiance Jeff Krenz, sons, Riley and Dilly.