It's nearing that dreaded time of year again that divides Hubby and me–football season.

It's nearing that dreaded time of year again that divides Hubby and me–football season.

The Vikings were too close for comfort during training camp. He watched the schedule and looked for avenues to make a trip to Mankato. He talked about it non-stop. He considered taking a day off of work to go watch them until I reminded him that the rule was that he was not allowed to have any sports weekends before him and I take a much needed weekend away together–something we’ve been talking about for the past six months.

To be sure he understood my serious need for a weekend away as a couple, I gently reminded him that I would not even be remotely civil to live with for a very long time if the Vikings take time and attention before me.

At one time, early in our relationship, he had this illusion that he was going to turn me into the ultimate Vikings fan. He envisioned us sporting Vikings jerseys and attending game parties together. Afterwards we would share long talks about the game.

That’s never happened.

“You don’t watch the game right,” Hubby explained when I asked why he’d given up on his dream. ‘The game is on the field, not in the stands. If I’m going to spend money on a ticket for you I expect you to have your eyes on the field at all times, not on the people in the stands.”

I’ve tried. Really. I have.

I was asked to go to a Twins game with him a year ago. I worked really hard to keep my eyes on the field at all times. Then the mascot for the Twins came by and it broke my focus.

“Why is the gopher mascot called TC?” I asked him.

“It’s not a gopher,” he said through gritted teeth. “It’s a bear.”

“It’s not a gopher? But I thought Minnesota was known for the gophers?” I replied.

“That’s the college mascot, not the professional teams,” he said.

“So why is this bear that looks like a gopher called TC?” I asked.

Recently he was planning a sports weekend with his brothers when I gently reminded him of the “weekend away” rule. His youngest brother suggested significant others be invited. Hubby shook his head in defeat.

The only thing worse, in his eyes, besides missing an opportunity to see a game, is having to drag his “unsportsman-like” wife along.

He says he doesn’t like taking me to the games because he feels that there are other ways we can spend time together without it having to be at an event he is so passionate about and I’m not.

Perhaps like a weekend away together?

It really boils down to the fact that he feels misunderstood that I can’t find it in my heart to be the least bit interested in his passion.

It’s that my level of understanding of the game does not match his. It may take the next 38 years of our life together for him to groom me into the kind of fan he so desperately wants. By that time we will probably both we blind and deaf and he will feel that his efforts will have been for naught.

In any case, September is fast approaching and we have yet to plan a weekend away together. My request is that it is to a place far removed from anything remotely related to sports, work, kids, house or jobs.

He’s been working hard. Every day he approaches me with a new idea, but not one yet that both of us can agree on.

It’s time for me to step up MY game. While I’ve enjoyed watching him sweat about planning a weekend away before football season, its getting down to the wire. If I don’t start being a more contributing part of planning this vacation I might just find myself at a Vikings game in the near future.