Instead of Corn Days, Sleepy Eye should have named it Maize Days, because it rhymes.

Whatever you call it, the 52nd Annual Buttered Corn Days event is going on this weekend. I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables, but I absolutely love corn. I’ll reluctantly eat other vegetables, but only if I have to. Corn on the other hand, is a gift from the gods. I am always willing to eat corn, and I eat a lot of it. Not sure why it’s so different, but corn is just so tasty compared to other vegetables. And the more butter, the better. Let’s just say I got pretty excited when I heard about the free buttered corn at Corn Days. I can’t wait!

August has been a good month so far. The NFL season has started, I had a great time at the Brown County Free Fair, and now it’s time for Corn Days. Also, school will be starting next week which means the fall sports season will be beginning soon as well. It’s also a good month for television, as two of my favorite shows, Dexter and Breaking Bad, are back on. I’m also excited for the end of next week, as I will be taking a four day disc golfing trip with some friends.

The Sleepy Eye Indians have been enjoying August as well. The Indians went 4-2 in the Region 2C Tournament, which is pretty impressive. The Indians will be competing at the State Tournament this weekend, where they will try and continue their successful post season play. I won’t be able to go to the game because of Corn Days, but I have a feeling they will do well. The team has great chemistry, as well as very smart at-bat athletes.

Last but not least, the U.S. Open begins on Aug. 26, where the best tennis players in the world will compete in New York on the hard court. I almost bought tickets to go this year, but decided against it. I need to save up money so I can go to Brazil next June for the 2014 World Cup. The tickets for the World Cup are for sale starting next week, which is pretty exciting. Seeing the U.S. men’s soccer team compete in a World Cup in person is definitely going to be a once in a lifetime experience, especially since the team might actually do well.

I want to quickly remind coaches that next Wednesday is the deadline for the Fall Sports Preview. Please e-mail me with some info on your team if you haven’t already!